TMG Releases SAP Hybris IntelliJ IDEA Plugin

Setting up a SAP Hybris local development environment shouldn't be a time consuming event. Unfortunately, many projects do not focus on this aspect, leaving new developers to be initiated by trial and error.

TMG developers, Alexandar Bartash and Vlad Bozhenok, have solved this issue by releasing a SAP Hybris plugin for the IntelliJ IDEA platform. The plugin has surpased 20,000 total downloads, catching the attention of the SAP Hybris team who has made it officially supported, something we are very proud of!

Plugin Features

Import of hybris extensions to Intellij IDEA

  • Automatic modules dependency management.
  • Automatic classpath configuration.
  • Automatic Spring facet configuration (only Ultimate IDEA).
  • Automatic Web facet configuration (only Ultimate IDEA).

Visualization of business process graph

  • Use context menu of the file "Diagrams/Show Diagram". (only Ultimate IDEA)

Enhanced project view tree

  • Rarely used elements are grouped into "junk" virtual folder also you can include to or exclude specific folder from the "Junk" list.
  • Compacting of empty middle folders in the project tree like it is done for java packages.

Editor for impex files

  • Syntax highlighting and errors indication for hybris impex files.
  • Selected column name highlighting.
  • Automatic alignment into columns via "Reformat code".
  • Code folding to improve readability.
  • Autocompletion within the header for modifier name and value.
  • Autocompletion for hybris types based on the current IntelliJ-Project (hybris coretypes + your custom types).
  • Autocompletion for hybris attributes based on the current IntelliJ-Project (hybris coretypes + your custom types).

For more information about TMG, the plugin or feature requests, please feel free to reach out to us. SAP Hybris is our specialty and focus, so much so that in the time we spend not working on a SAP Hybris project, we are thinking, talking or brainstorming on something Hybris.

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