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Apply Winning Commerce Experience

Learn what's working now in eCommerce, and how to create a great customer experience in the post Covid era.

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Each UI is essentially “hand-crafted”, with designers trying to improve specific aspects without a clearly-defined scope (usually caused by silos between design and product teams) and undocumented institutional knowledge from designers who built related UIs previously. Every new UI or update is an inconsistent offshoot of what’s come before.

This causes massive inefficiencies and very low consistency in the user’s experiences while trying to complete a single job. It also makes it nearly impossible to test and improve quality over time, especially at scale. For developers, it can be massively frustrating to make seemingly (and most likely) arbitrary changes to UI components that eat up significant time.

Leading customers through a well-thought-out digital experience makes a difference on conversions.

Learn some benefits of creating a great commerce experience:

  • Learn emerging trends post COVID
  • Learn how consumers have changing their buying behaviors
  • Learn digital features to optimize the buying process
  • Learn recent changes in advertising

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