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TMG & Chamberlain

Chamberlain Group, parent company to LiftMaster, Chamberlain, Merlin, & Grifco, designs and engineers residential and commercial door operators, and gate entry systems.

Expanding search capability with Coveo and AI

The Business Challenge

Chamberlain, recognizing industry trends, sought to enhance its search capabilities within its website in order to deliver a better customer experience and gather better data, internally.

The Solution

With trusted, long-time technology partner TMG, Chamberlain moved from open source Solr search to 3rd party search engine Coveo. Coveo provides AI innovation and delivers an intuitive customer experience, while delivering more data to the business, to further enhance business decisions.

The Results

Chamberlain equipped themselves with industry-leading functionality to give their customers an intuitive, seamless search experience powered by AI, while generating quality data for their internal teams. Coveo offers them more features than simple hybris or Solr solutions, without adding code and with easy maintenance and administration.

Industry-leading AI-backed search capability

New search enables better data collection and analysis

Marketing search features to enhance Ecommerce campaigns

Search experience improved for all customers

Coveo APIs easier to manage and maintain

Competitive advantage in B2B search capability

With TMG and Coveo, Chamberlain now sees the search results they want, with easy administration and the opportunity to implement advanced marketing initiatives within the engine. This flexibility and future-oriented functionality enables this global leader to redefine its digital experience.

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