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TMG & Whirlpool

Case Study #1

An American multinational manufacturer and marketer of home appliances

Customization and Synchronization Across Adobe & 3rd Party Tools

The Business Challenge

Whirlpool purchased a large Adobe license and needed to strategically roll out tools across it’s many brands. Whirlpool also saw the market need for ecommerce across its brands, as well.

The Solution

TMG began fully realizing the Adobe suite of tools for Whirlpool, systematically integrating Solr search, connecting PIM to Assets, and creating an easier content authoring environment. TMG enabled Whirlpool to connect and use a more extensive range of the Adobe products they own, with customizations and sync capabilities to reduce internal workload for fast-paced brands.

The Results

TMG was able to provide Whirlpool with efficient and flexible content synchronization and content authoring, along with multiple integrations to tie AEM, Assets, Informatica (PIM) , SAP, and Registria together to optimize both the backend and frontend experience.

Solr indexing of Assets

Localization of properties within Adobe to SAP

Custom automation frameworks to speed time to market

Custom filters and authoring to boost page performance

Customizations on Adobe have brought Whirlpool undeniable success. With strategic execution, TMG created custom component filters to boost page performance, built flexible translations frameworks, migrated all localization properties to pull from one location, and migrated 30k+ pages to dynamic templates with automated scripts, further enabling Whirlpool’s team to run their business more efficiently and with less roadblocks.

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