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The Best Themes of Adobe Summit 2024

It’s that time of year, Adobe Summit is just around the corner and TMG is a proud sponsor this year – and a proud Bronze Level Solution Partner. So in the run-up to the big show, we’re exploring the best themes of Adobe Summit and what tools we think will really help b2b companies expand their capabilities.

Say it with us – Artificial Intelligence

First – we’re very keen on seeing what new forms Generative AI will take in Adobe’s toolbox. Adobe Sensei debuted at Summit in 2019 and since then, the AI tool has moved into creative realms like Firefly and also established a wide-reaching base across business tools in Adobe Experience Cloud.

Building a better customer experience is Adobe Sensei GenAI’s guiding principle. Sensei is also enabling better business experiences by providing data and insights support, content collaboration, and customer journey insights through Adobe Real-Time CDP. For teams that are limited in headcount but have full access to the suite of tools in Adobe Experience Cloud, this is a real game-changer, letting AI expand team capabilities beyond their current size. If you can jump into the AI-assisted waters and set out for the deep end, the possibilities are endless – and powerful.

But what happens when you’re more of a toe-dipper? What if you have only the bandwidth or budget for a sliver of what is possible within Adobe Sensei GenAI? Paul McAleer, our Head of Experience recommends that in light of the recent news of the incoming EU AI Act, focusing on Journey Optimizer is a good, low-risk starting point for content creation and distribution – which is a common bottleneck for businesses.

We foresee Adobe continuing to expand Sensei’s capabilities across the tools it already enhances, offering more guided, personalized journeys, data, and insights for users. And really, this is the best way forward for businesses to scale their efforts, realize growth, and deliver exceptional customer experiences while exploring the efficiencies of AI.

Make it work

The next big thing TMG is focused on for Adobe Summit and across Adobe solutions is optimization. Investments in technology are rarely inexpensive and our consistent goal for our customers is for them to get the most out of their licenses. Our high level goals across projects are to provide the utmost value and to reduce the time it takes to realize that value. We achieve these goals by reducing the number of steps it takes to go to market and reducing repetition of tasks so your teams can focus on higher level business movers, like customer journey flow and personalization, and finally, creating reusable, scalable solutions that serve customers well into the future.

We think the evolution of AI and a strong optimization strategy can really work nicely together. Both concepts enable you to get monotonous tasks reduced to minutes or hours, freeing up valuable time to spend on larger strategy or new features that enhance customer experience. Adobe understands the value of their suite of solutions working in harmony and wants users to benefit from their full potential. TMG has been creating b2b excellence for 10 years running; we can help you realize that potential.

Let us know what you’re most looking forward to and post-Summit, what you’re ready to get started on. Our expert team will be available at TMG’s booth (#691A) to whiteboard out new plans, solutions, or noodle on a problem you’re encountering – sign up for a time slot on our Summit page or meet us at the booth! We hope to see you at Summit!

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Jenn Daugherty
Jenn Daugherty
March 27, 20243 minute read
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