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Digital Customer Experience

At TMG, our Digital Customer Experience solutions are your gateway to creating a competitive advantage. We believe in the power of a centralized, unified user experience and design to meet the ever-changing demands of your customers.

Our approach centers around rapid and transparent communications, dovetailing research with design, and applying rigorous methodology to establish true customer needs and market desirability.

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Customer Experience

Customer experience touchpoints are inherently omni-channel. Interactions with call centers, digital properties, social media, and brick-and-mortar locations must be on-brand and customer-focused.

Customer Centricity

We’re dedicated to creating consistent customer journeys across touchpoints. We craft individualized communications based on customers’ demonstrated preferences.

Analytics & Insights

We develop analytics and audience strategies to evaluate the conversion performance of each customer touchpoint. Then, we create a single view of a customer with their propensity for conversion and their following best action.

Customized Customer Journey Strategies

The customer experience is not one size fits all. With years of experience, we have many strategies in our arsenal, such as:

  • Developing web content management solutions that provide consistent brand identity
  • Providing and guiding integration with various marketing and commerce solutions
  • Development and measurement of retargeting remarketing campaigns

Together, we’ll create a tailored plan that will fit your needs.

TMG’s Customer-Focused Approach

TMG has firmly embraced the modern experience economy, and our Digital Customer Experience services are the foundation of our customer-driven presentation. To achieve cohesive digital experiences, we must take a holistic approach across the organization to transform people, processes, technologies, and management structures.

With the digital customer experience and beyond, TMG is relentlessly customer-focused. From user stories, journey mapping, and user research to industry knowledge, we focus on where your customer is telling you to steer so you can deliver exceptional experiences.

User Experience

TMG uses strategy, research, and a deep understanding of your B2B business to devise the best approach to best satisfy your consumers. We centralize design within the organization to allow for rapid and transparent communications and decision-making. We combine research with design to establish a customer’s true needs. This allows us to measure the market desirability of our work, and pair with our business partners and development teams to ensure our solutions are viable and feasible.

Innovation requires collaboration. Input from business, engineering, and design combine our individual ideas into a greater path forward to ensure the new strategic direction is viable, feasible, and desirable. At TMG, we don’t just solve problems–we create innovations that provide a competitive advantage.

Our expertise is centralizing UX and implementing Scaled Agile to create lean design. Our deep integrations with our partners allow us to both design and implement modular design frameworks built around customer needs.

We’ve brought our design principles and strategy to our partners, unifying UX across platforms, channels, and devices to deliver a better experience for vendors, sellers, and end users. Through research, design, and agile planning to implement this rollout, our partner has experienced increased time on-site, order size, and seller enrollment.

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