Modernizing Commerce

Constantly looking ahead, reimagining the possibilties, and keeping our focus firmly on the end customer.

We love solving our clients’ complex problems efficiently and affordably.

Commerce is no longer just a platform; it is a journey. TMG has decades of experience working with global manufacturers, distributors, and wholesalers to modernize their commerce ecosystem, enabling the scalability and growth their legacy systems can no longer provide.

Customer Experience

Delivering Customers to Our Partners

We provide end-to-end customer experience management solutions tailored to D2C, B2B and B2C, from strategy to architecture to development and implementation.

Customer Centricity

Creating and ensuring consistent customer journeys across touchpoints, including individualized communications based on their demonstrated preferences.

Analytics & Insights

Developing analytics and audience strategies to evaluate the conversion performance of each customer touchpoint. Creating a single view of a customer — their propensity for conversion and their following best action.

More Customer Journey Strategies:

  • Developing web content management solutions that ensure consistent brand identity.
  • Providing and guiding integration with various marketing and commerce solutions.
  • Development and measurement of retargeting remarketing campaigns
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Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation is a Catalyst for Change Toward Business Agility

Strategic vision drives change. The vision for Digital Transformation has to encompass the scope and depth of all internal processes and governance that are needed to support business agility. We look to the senior leadership of our partners to champion that change within their organization as a key factor in long-term success. To achieve this we take a holistic approach across the organization to transform people, processes, technologies, and management structures.

Digital Transformation Drives Success

We create a relationship with our partners to ensure their Digital Transformation is positioned for long-term success. To achieve transformation toward business agility — and building in technical excellence — we look toward two key components that drive TMG Digital Transformation.


Establish overarching processes to align business strategy, digital initiatives to improve capabilities, and facilitate effective decision-making on investment and value realization.

Process Optimization

Agile development, roles and responsibilities, organizational structures, tooling, and technologies to automate and support the digital process, and responsibility of teams.

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User Experience

TMG has firmly embraced the modern experience economy, and our UX pillar is the foundation of our customer-driven presentation. To achieve this we must take a holistic approach across the organization to transform people, process, technologies and management structures.

Measuring Desirability

Innovation requires collaboration: Input from business, engineering, and design combine our individual ideas into a greater path forward ensuring the new strategic direction is viable, feasible, and desirable. At TMG we don’t just innovate; we create innovations that provide a competitive advantage.

Deep Integrations & Broad Adoptions

Our expertise is centralizing UX and implementing Scaled Agile to create lean design. Our deep integrations with our partners allow us to both design and implement modular design frameworks built around customer needs.